Bus Routes

Bus Routes for 2016-2017 School Year


Bus #1:  Gary Murdock

Main Street (Holcomb)


Frisbee (Kids-R-Us Daycare)

East of Methodist Church

East Side of Hwy 25, South of The Junction


Bus #3:  Shawana Pikey

1 stop on Hwy 153

White Oak

Wright Acres

Luther Street


Bus #4:  Rick Peters

Hwy 25

Hwy 84 (412) to U Hwy to County Rd 430

Hickory Village

City of Holcomb except Main Street


Bus #8:  Tommy Burress

1 stop on 153 past Old Luna Store

East side of White Oak (Forrest Drive)


County Rds 422-430

Jamaica Zacs Place


Bus #9:  Harold Dunbar

County Rd 421 out toward river

Frisbee in afternoon

West of Hwy 25 (Billboard Rd, County Rd 430 to North)

Varner River


Bus #10: Jake Nelson

Between Gibson and B Hwy (west of 53)

South of B Hwy to County Rd 402

North of Pine City

Amy Drive


Bus #11:  Linda Lesslie

Pine City (South)

Pete Cross Addition on Hwy 25

County Rd 402 to M/153 Hwy

North of Holcomb between Hwy 25 and M/153


Last Updated 8/18/2016